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Our Services

NP Collection acts as the extended arm of your sales and marketing team within the UK. We are dedicated to helping you to stand out from the crowd, attract more bookings and make a positive impression on your customers and, ultimately, increase your ROI. Our aim is to support your company in initiating, developing and cementing personal relationships within the market and, at the same time, propose a sales and marketing strategy tailored to your enterprise.

Our traditional sales and marketing approach include face-to-face sales calls, agent training, presentations, roadshows, 'chaperone' assistance to your sales staff visiting the UK, trade shows management and special events. We also help you maximise your sales by liaising with your main GDS providers such as LHW, Preferred, SLH and R&C. 

NP Collection can give your business access to the major industry players. We can assist you in obtaining RFPs and sign partnership contracts with wholesalers, consortia, lifestyle concierge, associations and corporate accounts. 

Our Expertise 


  • Sales and marketing plan

  • Events planning for a business opening/repositioning/promotion

  • Showcase/trade show participation (pre, during and post)

  • Follow-up

  • Pre/during/post sales calls and sales missions

  • Follow-ups

  • Social media content creation & strategy

  • Social media marketing

  • Online reviews and communication

  • Monthly reports

  • CRM and newsletter/blog creation and distribution

  • Familiarisation trips / educational trips

  • Webinar and online presentations

  • Help you navigate & guide within the Web3 content and presence  

We can access the following key players (to name a few) for promotion, inclusion and yearly marketing activities:-

  • Independent Travel Agents buying both hotels and private properties travel

  • Serandipians / Traveller Made

  • 360 Private Travel

  • Mr & Mrs Smith

  • Internova

  • GTC (Global Travel Collection)

  • 10 Group

  • Virtuoso

  • Top Wellness Travel Operators

  • Retreat organisers

  • All major High End Tour Operators

  • Lifestyle Concierge Companies

  • Exclusive Event Planners

  • Wedding Planners

  • Affluent Family Managers

  • HNWI

  • Corporate Travel Managers

  • MICE (for small meetings, trainings, corporate retreats and incentives)

  • Personal Trainers channels

  • Coaches Trainers channels

  • Active and nature conservation Travel Operators and Press

Our clients are within the following sectors:

  • Hotels and resorts

  • Private Properties

  • Restaurants

  • Tourist boards

  • Parks and nature reserves

  • Destinations

  • Special projects and events

  • Wedding venues

  • Sports venues

  • Golf and ski destinations

  • Wellbeing resorts

  • DMC (Destination Management Companies)

  • Unique Experiences 

  • Outdoors experiences

  • Nature Conservation projects

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